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New 2018 Annual Valentines Box - Barn Owls- EDITION SOLD OUT

New 2018 Annual Valentines Box - Barn Owls- EDITION SOLD OUT

2018 Annual Valentine’s box

Carrying on the theme from 2017 this year’s annual Valentine’s Box is the 2nd box to feature birds, Barn Owls, appearing on this enchanting enamel. As adults, Barn Owls are solitary animals until they pair with a mate. They mate for life and become very emotionally attached to their partner. Barn Owls can often be seen cuddling with their partner and babies in their nest.

Sandra has pictured the Barn Owls so they enhance the contours of the Heart Shaped Valentine’s Box – both inside and out – and her delicate brushstrokes captures the amazing detail these animals have in their plumage. The box is the eight in the Annual Valentine’s Day series

The Barn Owl is considered to be one of the most widely distributed birds in the world. A species of Barn Owl can be found on every continent, with the exception of Antarctica. Barn Owls are not territorial or aggressive to other Barn Owls. A pair of owls will nest as close as 1/2 a mile from another nesting pair.

Barn Owls by Sandra Selby
Limited edition 25.
R.R.P £325

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